Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Be My Eyes

As it was launched last Thursday the 15th, the new iPhone and iPad app, Be My Eyes, has already helped over 10,000 individuals and that number increases by the minute!

Be My Eyes is an app specifically designed to help blind individuals send for "help" via their smart phone or device by connecting with a sighted volunteer via video chat. How it works is the blind individual requests help via the Be My Eyes app. They are then connected with their helper in order to solve the desired task, whether it be a small task like getting the expiration date on milk or a larger one such as navigating a new part of town, the helper is ready to assist through the use of the video camera on your device.

Developed and launched in Copenhagen, Be My Eyes was created by a visually impaired individual who just had a small idea that became this amazing app. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, simply download the app to sign-up. It is free to download via the App Store and available in many languages.

Click here to visit the Be My Eyes website. If you are an Android user, be sure to visit the site as well to sign up to be notified when Be My Eyes is available for your device.

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