Friday, March 27, 2015

eSight Electronic Glasses Help You See Again!

The eSight electronic glasses are continuing to make waves across the States, proving to be a fantastic solution for many people with central vision loss. These revolutionary glasses feature two video screens which are connected to a camera mounted in the bridge of the glasses. With the glasses on a user can see whatever they are looking at in the video screens, and magnify and improve the contrast of anything they see at distance and at near!

This can be huge for those with central vision loss who have been unable to see people's faces, read signs, books and magazines, watch television and many other things. Using the eSight all these things can be made possible again improving the lives of those with central vision loss drastically. 

Watch the video below to find out more, then call 312-997-3685 to arrange a demonstration to see if eSight might be right for you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For Work or for Fun, Accessibyte is Great!

We were recently introduced to a new suite of software which aims to provide solutions to instructors of people who are visually impaired or special needs. Current applications include a typing tester, a collection of accessible games testing various motor skills and a converter from text to audio. All the applications work great and are fully accessible for the visually impaired and totally blind, as well as being useful learning tools for those with a cognitive impairment. Accesibyte will also make custom software for people's individual training needs!  From the website:

"The mission of Accessibyte is to introduce new and needed tools to instructors of visually impaired and special needs students. Accessibyte products are designed and developed by a professional working daily in the field of blind rehabilitation. Product ideas stem from direct observations and discussions with teachers of the visually or cognitively impaired." 

We highly recommend checking out Accessibyte at 

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Bionic Eye

Larry Hester has spent about 30 years without his vision. Doctors have now given him the ability to see light. Larry is now using a device called the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System which is the first FDA approved device intended to restore some functional vision for those suffering from blindness.

The system allows an individual to see lights again and, as you'll see in the video, this allows Larry to do some activities he never thought he would do again.

Please click here to see Larry's story and how the "bionic eye" works!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Technology Roadshow!

It is the season for the Lighthouse to take Assistive Technology on the road, and on Thursday we'll be heading to Mundelein with a huge selection of the latest technology and tools for living to assist people who are blind or visually impaired. If you are free between 10-3 please drop by to say hello and talk to one of our friendly team about what solutions might help you!

The show is at: Lake County Center for Independent Living, 377 N. Seymour Avenue, Mundelein, IL  60060

Free Games On Your iDevice!

If you're feeling bored this weekend and can't make it to Vegas, why not try your hand at Blindfold Blackjack or Blindfold Video Poker! These are just two of many games offered in the Blindfold series, a series of fully accesible games designed for the totally blind and available FREE on the iOS App Store. Our very own staff member Peter Tucic speaks highly of them, so if you find yourself at a loose end don't dismay, just start to play!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Need a Voice? Get Sandy's VIew!

There's a new blog in town that is bringing a voice to those with a visual impairment - Sandy's View! This log is offered by The Chicago Lighthouse and aims to promote awareness and understanding of issues that effect people who are blind or visually impaired. From the blog:   

"To increase public awareness and understanding, The Chicago Lighthouse proudly introduces “Sandy’s View,” a weekly column featuring responses to commonly asked questions about the challenges facing people who are blind or visually impaired. Each week we will share a question with our audience along with a detailed response. Penning the new column is Lighthouse staff member Sandy Murillo, a journalist and contributor to “The Beacon,” a popular weekly radio program on disability issues." Please submit your questions to"

Make sure to check the blog regularly to keep up to date with the latest issues affecting the low vision and blind community, the blog can be found at or by clicking on the 'Blogs We Like' button to the right of this post!

An Accessible Thermostat with Voice Recognition? Yes Please!

We have just completed a video review of the Honeywell Smart Thermostat with WiFi, a great thermostat for those with a visual impairment that can be controlled through voice commands or through an accessible app. 

We've found the thermostat to work well, recognizing commands correctly and working well in conjunction with the free app. The great thing about the app is that if you remember you have left the heating or a/c on while you're at work, you can turn it off from your office! Definitely a useful feature. 

For more information on the thermostat check out the video below and then call us at 1-800-919-3375!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Miniature Revolution!

The Miniature Revolution is here! CCTV's are going through an interesting phase at the moment whereby they are getting smaller rather than larger, and become much more portable. The line is being blurred between a traditional desktop CCTV and a handheld electronic magnifier. Pictured here are three great new CCTVs from LVI (Magnilink Zip HD 13), Freedom Scientific (Topaz pHD) and Baum (Visiobook), all of which feature screens around 13" and fold-away designs. This is great for those who don't have a lot of space, those who need a portable solution that can be used for reading larger texts like books and newspapers, or those who just like things that are small and stylish! 

We predict this trend towards miniaturization will continue for a while and bring us some great quality smaller CCTVs. This can actually be of great benefit as with a smaller screen you can get your face closer and still see the entire screen, giving the benefit of relative distance magnification. 

As always contact us if you want more information! 1-312-666-1331   


Enhance your life with flowers and enhance a visually impaired person's life at the same time!

Every girl likes flowers, and every girl really likes flowers that will not only look pretty but will help a local charity. Flowers for Dreams, founded in Chicago in 2012, specializes in locally crafted bouquets, hand delivered to their customers across the Chicago-land area. What started as a college project has turned into an amazingly successful business and quite the gorgeous way to help local charities.

In the month of March, The Chicago Lighthouse is fortunate to be Flowers for Dreams featured charity. Flowers for Dreams will contribute 25% of their profits in the month of March to the Lighthouse. So far since 2012, Flowers has donated more than $60,000 to worthy causes around the Chicago-land area. Their goal is to reach $100,000 donated by the end of July. What a way to help both organizations!

Please consider ordering one of their gorgeous bouquets today for any occasion.

And remember...

Every girl loves Flowers (for Dreams)!

Check out the promotion at for more information!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Emily's Oz

The Super bowl is notoriously known for something other than football... the commercials. Every year, companies spend millions of dollars for that coveted 30 second spot. This year, Comcast produced a commercial through the thoughts and imagination of seven-year-old Emily. Emily, who was born blind, describes her favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz, as she sees it in her imagination.

The commercial was expertly produced for viewers with vision to see what Emily sees, with feature film-like quality. This extended spot was all to introduce Comcast's new talking guide. This guide will be able to read aloud program titles, info, network names and times all to allow those who are visually-impaired to navigate on their own.

Click here to read more about Emily's story and to receive more info on Comcast's new talking guide.